Photon Optical is your perfect choice for different application needs .

As a professional, experienced resource of precision optics , we provide both standard and custom optical key components,assemblies and systems such as windows, lenses, prisms,  filters, rod lenses, ball & half-ball lenses, cylindrical lenses, Sapphire optics, optical coatings, IR optics etc . Our expertise extends from research through the development of prototypes to volume manufacturing flexible with regards to batch size, technologies, integration and specification changes .

We serve global markets, including lasers, semiconductors, telecommunications, thermal imaging, medical, industry, military,aerospace and scientific research applications .

MIL quality standard and ISO 9001:2015 certified .

Our manufacturing capabilities include mechanical mills, spindle polishers, continuous and double-sided-polishers to CNC mills, polishers and edgers, as well as magneto-rheological finishing technology and automated coating . Our testing are extensive, including both automated spectrophotometers for broadband spectral measurements, and ultra-high-resolution spectrophotometers for narrowband measurements and computer-controlled tunable interferometer to measure transmitted wavefronts . Our engineering teams contribute strong a background experience, coupled with modern manufacturing practices, to deliver the best solutions to our customers .

Our goal is to fulfill the highest expectations of our customers for delivery and product quality . Avoid costly manufacturing challenges, saving yourself time and money by working with us ,we are dedicated to partnering with you .